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Marketing  News
April 24, 2014
Brett Channer‘s new company, Edward Teach, allows marketers “to come in and play,” he says. The venture launched in mid-January and focuses exclusively on sharable content such as apps and videos. It’s a side project for Channer (who recently moved to Jackman Reinvention as its chief creative officer) and his co-founder Tim Godsall, who directs [...]
“It’s My Choice What I Put In Me” is certainly memorable. The slightly not-safe-for-work video promoting Simply Slick personal lube was unveiled this week, the first work to come from the company’s partnership with the new Toronto-based company Edward Teach. It features a peppy tune earnestly sung by an innocent-looking woman who dances her way [...]
TC Media has officially launched its Canadian Programmatic Marketplace (CPM) to leverage the company’s English and French language advertising inventory in the rapidly growing real-time bidding and automated ad marketplace. The company is positioning CPM as the “largest, fully transparent source of premium, brand-safe programmatic advertising inventory.” In launching the premium inventory marketplace, TC Media [...]
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