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Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), Media Associations
The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) is a nonprofit organization that connects North America's leading media companies, advertisers and ad agencies. 2014 marks AAM’s 100th Anniversary. We were founded in 1914 as the Audit Bureau of Circulations to bring order, standards and transparency to the print media market. These early advertisers, ad agencies and publishers came together to build an organization that paved the way for the age of advertising. As much as the media industry has changed throughout the past 100 years, it’s remarkable that AAM’s founding principles— transparency, trust, credibility — haven’t changed. Today AAM independently verifies print and digital circulation, mobile apps, tablet and website analytics, social media, technology platforms and audience information for newspapers, magazines and digital media companies in Canada and the U.S and provides that information to media buyers.
Canadian Circulations Audit Board (CCAB), Media Associations
Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA), Media Associations
Advertising Agency Association of British Columbia, Media Associations
Advertising Association of Winnipeg, Media Associations
The Advertising Club of Toronto, Media Associations
Advertising Educators Association of Canada, Media Associations
Advertising Standards Canada/Les normes canadiennes de la publicité, Media Associations
Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, Media Associations
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association, Media Associations
AMARC International, Media Associations
AMECQ Association des médias écrits communautaires du Québec, Media Associations
ARCQ Association des radiodiffuseurs communautaires du Québec, Media Associations
ARRF:Association des radios regionales francophones, Media Associations
Association de la Presse Francophone-APF, Media Associations
Association of Canadian Advertisers, Media Associations
Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies/Association des agences de publicité du Québec, Media Associations
Association Québécoise des éditeurs de magazine (AQEM), Media Associations
B.C. Association of Broadcasters, Media Associations
BBM Canada, Media Associations
British Columbia & Yukon Community Newspapers Association, Media Associations
Broadcast Executives Society, Media Associations
The Broadcast Research Council of Canada, Media Associations
Broadcasters Association of Manitoba, Media Associations
Canadian Advertising Research Foundation, Media Associations
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